Hello! I’m so sorry about the absence, it’s finals. No explanation needed there. Due to many of these changes, my blog is about to become more of a blog and less of a shit-pile composed of everything I write. Lucky for you! I’m just going to take this opportunity to self-promote a bit and fill you guys in on whats been going on lately.

First semester of college is done! Well– almost. I have one more exam that i’m avoiding studying for right now, but that’s beside the point. This semester has been extremely eye opening for me and a lot has changed around me recently. In early April I was interviewed for an online journal, the Odyssey. (You may have heard of it). I got that position as a content creator, therefore; much of my writing has been dedicated to that as of late. I’ve also been dealing with some family-crisis-type-stuff that I don’t exactly feel comfortable explicitly stating at this point. But anyway, I dedicated quite a bit of time to studying and writing essays this semester and it seems to have worked in my favor, because i’m finishing this semester with a 3.75 GPA. I’m actually beyond thrilled, I was so terrified that I would end up dropping out due to pressure. In all honesty, college is way more manageable than high school. Just a tip to anyone who is degree-seeking at this point in their lives.

I’ve had a pipe-dream for much of my life, this dream is to study creative writing at Oxford University. You know Oxford, they reference the institution in The Great Gatsby, What a Girl Wants, Oxford Blues etc… anyway. After some research, I learned that Oxford’s minimum GPA for their MSt is a 3.6 and that they prefer that you’ve been published in some way, nothing too surprising. I don’t know that it’s actually necessary that I acquire a Master’s degree, but my desire is more about branching out into the discourse community. I’d love the opportunity because I want the knowledge, less than a piece of paper. Of course, this program is extremely selective so I would have to continue to better myself through my studies for years ahead. This paragraph is quite chimerical but hey, I can dream.

I’m getting off track, so it must be time to wrap this up. All in all, I’ve been super satisfied with my university and the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to earn. If you want to support my writing in other forms, i’ll leave some links down here for whoever wants them.

My Odyssey page , My Facebook page

On my Facebook page I share pieces that I enjoy as well as brief updates in my writing “career” and all of the pieces I complete.
Thanks for reading!


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