Feminism in Brevity

“I don’t need feminism,” I’ve said this numerous times, I never realized that the reason I always felt this way was due to my obliviousness.
Indifferent people argue, “Why do we need feminism if we just want equality?” But that’s the thing, we don’t have equality, feminism is the fight. Feminism is the movement towards equality. Those who ridicule women that are standing up for their rights and liberties are, in my opinion, either uneducated or assholes (or both).
Don’t get me wrong, there are minandrists, but they are not feminists. They are misandrists. These women are hindering the feminist movement with their unneccessary aggression. Every  civil movement has it’s Martin Luther Kings and its Malcom Xs. Quit calling feminists names that they are not; we are people that deserve the same rights as everyone else. That’s it, that’s the entire point. Understand that.


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