On King

The most crucial sentence I have ever read in regards to my writing, or my life, was by Stephen King. It’s not about homicide – eh, I guess it could be.
“You must not come lightly to a blank page.” What Is Writing? Stephen King explains.

This short sentence, down to it’s bare knuckles means so much to me.
This god damn phrase was the reason I sat down and decided that I could post my thoughts with disregard for what anyone believes about them. This page he elucidates, whether it is a piece of paper, a relationship, school, a job, or even one’s day. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, do it well. I know that King was emphasizing that writing can’t be timid. Nothing can be – nothing worthwhile was done with a soft hand.

Who ever thought that an excerpt from my English class would be the motivator for all that I do?

This short sentence, is written in every journal I own; it’s been written on my skin so many times that the ink feels familiar.


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  1. Kev-Bot 🤖 says:

    If you’re looking for another piece of awesome literature for inspiration, pick up “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It’s super short, and way motivating 💪🏼


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