a published draft: a vulgar letter to high school seniors

The day that you graduate from high school, you’ll be so thankful that you’re done.
Allow your mind to race, was this worth it?

How much more is the salutatorian getting than the stoner next to you?
You all showed up to a large building four years ago, and here you are, waiting for a fucking piece of paper. The last one that this building will ever issue to you.
To the teachers that told you that you couldn’t make it, “Fuck you- fuck you so hard.” because it isn’t fair to tell anyone that they will never go anywhere or do anything because they had a rough start. Trees grow the best on burned soil.
“Fuck you” to all of the teachers that won’t give you a second look at graduation because “you will never make anything of yourself.”
“Fuck you” to the kids that made you feel stupid for asking the questions that everyone wanted to know the answer to: They will be the ones dropping out of private universities because they forgot to give a shit.
It’s your time now, high school is only good for people who have nothing else to look forward to.
Every one of you has the opportunity to make whatever you want of yourself; we were all the summation of a public education; like a forgotten locker combination, spun out of the wheel of curriculum and test scores. A statistic.



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