Donald Trump hasn’t said a whole lot of things I agree with, but one thing he has stated was, “With out passion, you don’t have energy. With out energy, you have nothing.” I’m not doubting that Donald Trump isn’t a smart man, or even that I have capitalistic views when it comes to passion.

I’ve never understood passion– I’ve never felt something that I wanted to do perpetually. I mean, career wise. Sure, I loved acting in high school and equally I feel for writing. But, neither of those things burn in my mind as something that I am destined to do. Does that make sense? Nothing resonates with me in such a way that I want to spend the rest of my life doing it. Everything sounds good at first, nothing drives me. Everything that pushes me to do what I do is materialistic.

I feel deeply for music. No, I can’t play music; I have no desire to. I tend to let music absorb every fiber of my being. Some days, I will wake up and itch for a familiar bass line. It’s a wonderful feeling, I hope everyone feels that way about music, though. I wish it were something tangible that I could connect to a career or spend time doing.

Hey Jamie, what do you do for a living?”
“Oh, dude. I just fuckin’ jam all day.”

I’d describe my hobbies as fleeting. One minute here, next gone. I can’t stick with the idea of a single vocation. How do I start? I really am at a loss. I’m truly trying to figure this out right now.

PS: Send help and wisdom.


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